About Us

About Blissful Bath

Blissful Bath 

is a fun, unique and whimsical bath and body company
that is located in Woodbury, Minnesota.  We make all of
our products in our secret little lab in our store.

Our products are designed to look like cupcakes,
chocolates, pasteries and other delicious indulgences.
Because we want our customers to feel as if they have given
themselves a decadent treat when they use our products. 
That's why we call them "gourmet bath treats".

Who could resist an adorably decorated cupcake, that just
so happens to be a glorious bubble bath? 
Or a fizzy bath bomb that looks like a scoop of sorbet?
Who wouldn't want to drop a tub truffle in their bath and
surround themselves with gorgeous scents and skin
softening cocoa butter?

So go ahead, indulge...
A Blissful Bath awaits you!